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    If we offer a child an option between playing on a mobile phone and reading a book, which do you think the child will choose?

    Children today spend most of their time with "electronic devices". These do not engage the mind the same way as reading a book does.

    The Book Lovers' Program for Schools (BLPS) influences children to pick up reading as a habit. Our partner schools, spread across South India, have witnessed this transformation: 4 out of 5 children now read regularly.

    In the last 3 years, BLPS has helped over 30000 children in 30 schools to pick up reading as a habit.


    BLPS is a reading program based on books and storytelling. It consists of 4 components:

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    BLPS can be implemented in your school from classes 1 to 8 with just 1 period per week (English/library period). Over the course of the year, children read between 6 - 30 story books and discuss them in class. They complete activities aimed at improving their 3Cs - Comprehension, Communication and Creativity.

    The program is flexible: you can chose which components to invest in and by how much. Our team will tailor the program according to the needs of your school.


    • The school allocates 1 period per week in the timetable (could be a library / English period) and nominates teachers to facilitate the program.
    • The program begins with a 2-day teacher training workshop organised for the nominated teachers (and other English teachers) at the school.
    • Teachers are given a BLPS kit that contains: (a) Teachers' Manual with lesson plans; (b) Story books for the Classroom Library; (c) Activity books for each student; and (d) Evaluation metric and rubrics;
    • Experienced storytellers visit the school regularly to tell stories to every class and interact with every teacher to ensure that the program is being implemented properly.

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    "The program has received an overwhelming response from the students. The impact of the program is evident. Formed by highly qualified professionals, the BLPS team is creative, enthusiastic and highly motivated."
    - A. N. Radhakrishnan, Honorary Secretary and Correspondent, P. S. Senior, Chennai

    "It's excellent! Very detailed and simple. Easy for teachers to understand."
    - Sindhuja Mahesh, Academic Coordinator, Riverside Public School, Kotagiri

      • Chennai: P S Senior, DAV Public, Sunshine Academy, Vidyamandir Estancia
      • Vellore: Vedavalli Vidyalaya
      • Kochi: Global Public
      • Trichy: Kamala Niketan
      • Erode: SSM Central
      • Tirunelveli: Pushpalata Vidya Mandir
      • Karur: Pon Vidya Mandir
      • Chennai: Union Christian
      • Erode: SSM Lakshmi Ammal
      • Tirunelveli: Pushpalata Matric
      • Tirunelveli: Chinmaya Vidyalaya (AUPET)
      • Chennai: Arsha Vidya Mandir (IGCSE)
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    OUR STORY: Our story began in December 2009 when the principal at P. S. Senior asked us what we could do to get her students to read more books. Over the course of the next 15 months, we worked with the school to develop BLPS as a structured program. The number of students borrowing books from the library increased from 15% to 78%. Four out of five children were borrowing books regularly! After the success at P. S. Senior, we started taking BLPS to other schools. Between 2009 and 2013, we worked with over 500 teachers and 30,000 students in over 30 schools.

    OUR TEAM: The BLPS team is led by our young and energetic CEO Naresh. He leads an eclectic bunch of book lovers and storytellers from different backgrounds (journalists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, etc). The team works together to write and tell stories, develop content and conduct activities for children of all ages. Our team of mentors include eminent educationalists like Prof. M S Ananth, former director, IIT Madras.